So far we've been telling Tina to do things over and over. Remember this example?

There's a lot of repetition. If we give Tina a list of colors and tell her to do the same thing with each color, we can make the same picture with much less code!

We can now easily change how many times Tina draws as well. Try adding a new color name to the list. Here's what it would look like to add "yellow" to the list:

color_list = ["black", "blue", "purple", "green", "yellow"]

Don't forget the quotes ("") around your color word!

Hit a snag? Don't worry! Tips:

  • Remember to put your color name in quotes ("")
  • Remember to include a comma (,) in between each color name and the next one
  • Remember to begin and end your list with square brackets ([ and ])

Thanks to for providing this assignment, part of their Hour of Python (opens new window) course.